Naturschutz-Sommerakademie und Netzwerk "Die Nächste Generation Nachhaltigkeit" // Ein Projekt der Michael Succow Stiftung

Since 2015, annually

  • general conception and coordination  
  • co-foundation and program director
  • management and set up 
  • facilitation
  • event management

Embodied Awakening

Since 2022 Retreats for personal development

  • general conception and coordination 
  • facilitation
  • program coordination

Zukunftsdorf Sonnerden eG & eV

A future-village in the center of Germany

  • general conception and coordination  of the future-village
  • co-foundation and board of of the cooperative (until 2020)
  • management and set up for the first movers
  • foundation of the charity association
  • event management

World Goetheanum Association

 Worldwide forum for the future development of humanity and the earth 

  • Conception and moderation of a live crowdfunding pitch stage at the World Goetheanum Forum 2019, Dornach, Switzerland
  • Moderation of a roundtable about "evolutionary corporate management and its spiritual foundations" 
  • 2021-2023 Research and publication "Vulnerability as a ressource"/ Verletzlichkeit als Ressource"
  • 2023 Project development and website development "Vulnerability as a resource"

NELA Next Economy Lab

Institute for future-orientated economy

The Right Livelihood Award Foundation 

The "Alternative Nobel Prize" , Stockholm, Sweden

  • co-foundation and board of Youth Future Project association
  • freelance event conception and coordination
  • freelance VIP assistance & tour management

      ongoing cooperation since 2009

WeQ Institute gGmbH 

Future innovation think tank, Berlin, Germany

  • Project development und conception of „Economy to Weconomy“ initiative
  • Organizational development
  • Event conceptions & management

GLS Gemeinschaftsbank eG

Social-ecological cooperative Bank, Bochum, Germany

  •  Strategic consultancy and co-development of a p2p-insurance pilot “
  • conception and moderation of a network-meeting "evolutionary concepts of collaborative economy", with the CEO Thomas Jorberg and young economists from all over Germany.

UNESCO Weltnaturerbe und Biosphärenreservat 

Niedersächsisches Wattenmeer; North Sea, Germany

  • Conception, co-foundation, fundraising and financial advice for the volunteer-management-network Watt°N 
  • pilot multi-stakeholder project for regional marketing of sheep products
  • Event conception, hosting and moderatoin

Hannoversche Kassen 

Sustainable pension funds and capital investor, Hannover, Germany

  • Collaborative development of holistic sustainability performance
  • “Reinventing Organizations” process moderation  (2017-2019) 


World festival for electronic arts, Linz, Austria

Neopolis Network e.V.

Think and do tank for future societies (Switzerland / Germany)

  • Co-foundation and board
  • event conception & management
  • CTO and CFO, general secretary

(ongoing since 2017)

First World Development 

Think-tank for future social innovations (Basel, Switzerland)

  • Co-organisation of the official Swiss campaign for basic income (Basel, 2016)
  • Conference conception and management "Future of Work" (Zurich, 2016)

ZOE Institute

 Research institute for economic transition towards sustainable development, Bonn (Germany) 

  • Advisory support: fundraising strategy and philantropic networking (ongoing, since 2017)
  • Advisory support: consulting-product development (ongoing, since 2017)

Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute

Independent think tank in consumption, economics and society, Zurich, Switzerland

  •  Event conception and management @ future of work conference (Zurich, 2016

Dieter Mennekes Umweltstiftung

Private environmental foundation (Germany & Barbados)

  • Philanthropy consulting
  • Project research, reporting & evaluation (Barbados, 2018)
  • Project development and coordination (ongoing since 2015)

Succow Stiftung

Michael Succow Foundation for the Protection of Nature (Germany)

  •  „Succow-Seminar“ – deep-dive education program for sustainable development for young high-potentials following an transdiscplinenary youth & elders approach (2015, 2018, 2019) 

Stiftung Ökologie & Landbau

Foundation for Ecology & Agriculture (Germany)

  • Podium „Man & Biosphere in partnership“, Kassel (2018)

SirPlus UG

Shops for the sale of expired food (Berlin, Germany)

  •  legal advice / charity registration  (former „Sharecy UG“, now SirPlus UG) 

Further clients: